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Matilda's Katrina Gorry visits the Connect IVF clinic

The Connect IVF team welcomed Katrina Gorry and her family to learn more about Donor Services and tour the clinic and lab. Click to watch the video tour.

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The affordable IVF game changer - 9now.

By A Current Affair Staff | There's a new game changer for women struggling to get pregnant through IVF.


'Here are 5 things I want people to know about IVF, from someone currently going through it.' - Mamamia

By Mamamia staff | It was the first day of her period, and Vikki Mai Murphy was bawling her eyes out down the phone to the receptionist at a Sydney fertility centre at her local public hospital.

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Why you should never be ashamed to communicate your want for a baby - Body + Soul

By Body + Soul staff | The issue of when to broach the topic of babies in a new relationship is a hard one - but a recent episode of Married at First Sight brought every woman of child-bearing age's worst fear to life.

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The financial implications of IVF - Tilly Money

By Tilly Money staff | Having children and building a family is a huge goal for many people, however these modalities don’t come without their costs, and unfortunately for many couples it can be just too far out of their price range.

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Is Australia having a COVID-19 baby boom? - ABC NEWS

By ABC News staff | Birth rates around the world are plummeting because of the pandemic. But some parts of Australia seem to be bucking the trend and experts predict thousands more babies will be born this year.

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Surge in couples seeking IVF as Sydney restrictions ease - 9 Honey

By 9 Honey Staff | With Sydney and many parts of NSW now officially out of lockdown many couples are keen to start their families through IVF fertility treatment.


Impact of Sydney lockdown on public IVF patients - HealthTimes

By HealthTimes Staff | With the Sydney lockdown placing pressure on hospitals, Sydney’s most affordable bulk-billed IVF Clinic, Connect IVF, is offering to take on patients who have had their IVF treatments postponed