Brendan Ayres


"Having run a traditional high-cost IVF company, I became concerned about how many Australians were suffering from infertility issues who couldn’t afford to start a family due to the high cost of IVF.

I was fortunate enough to work with an innovative Doctor and business partner, and together we developed Australia’s first Bulk-Billed IVF business - allowing access to IVF for the majority of Australians who required fertility services."

After 8 years of involvement in the IVF industry, and over 20 years' experience of successfully developing and operating medical companies, Brendan joins us at Next Practice to co-found Australia's first bulk-billed IVF service, Connect IVF by Next Practice.

Brendan believes in providing affordable IVF services to all Australians who suffer from fertility health issues and with this comes his model for Connect IVF. Connect IVF represents the new and improved version of that bulk-billed IVF model. Connect IVF is designed to deliver holistic, comprehensive, personalised as well as affordable IVF to all Aussies.

Brendan Ayres - CEO