Lauren Hiser

Scientific Director

"We had a vision of what Connect IVF could and should be, and so we worked hard to make that vision a reality.

I wanted to bring a fertility service to the marketplace that was able to combine exemplary service and quality with a price that excludes no one. Fertility services should be available to anyone who needs them and not just those that can afford the exuberant prices.

So, we set about putting together a service that created more value for our patients at a mostly bulk billed price point. This means we streamlined the processes and removed any unnecessary components that did not actually provide a better chance of having a baby through IVF, and thus Connect IVF was born.

As the Scientific Director it was vitally important to me that we create a state-of-the-art laboratory using equipment, techniques and protocols that rival the best performing laboratories in the world. Of course a lab is only as good as the staff you have to work it, and I am very proud to say that we have been able to fill our lab with only the most dedicated and highly experienced scientists Australia has to offer. I look forward to my future with Connect IVF and hope to build this company into the best fertility service provider in Australia!"

Lauren joins us at Connect IVF by Next Practice after unexpectedly falling into the IVF industry over a decade ago. Looking for work during the global financial crisis of 2008, and applying for every and any science related job as was the employment climate at the time, Lauren came across an ad for a trainee embryologist and applied not really expecting anything much to come from it.

Much did come from it and Lauren launched her career in Embryology. Grateful to have been given the opportunity to immerse herself in this industry and see directly the impact of her work on the lives of so many people and families, Lauren furthered her education in reproductive health and human genetics with a Master’s degree and developed many amazing relationships with patients and staff alike.

Outside of work Lauren loves spending time with her wife and family.

Clinical interests:

  • Providing affordable fertility services
  • Being at the forefront of scientific development in IVF
  • Guiding scientific development to increase success rates
  • Supporting staff to reach their personal goals
  • Improving efficiencies and workflows to achieve the best working conditions for our staff
  • Being a productive member in a supportive team environment
Lauren Hiser - Scientific Director