Sara Millikin

Clinical Nutritionist

“Good health is not so much about the absence of disease, but rather about feeling well, looking confident and feeling energised. I am so pleased to be part the revolutionary team at Connect IVF by Next Practice, providing superior service to our patients.“

As an experienced Nutritional Practitioner, Sara’s interest in health and the impact of food developed in her late teens. She uses nutritional therapy to heal and promote optimal health and wellbeing. Her well-received approach is to work with patients to develop good nutritional habits and healthy lifestyle options. In doing this, patients reap the benefits of improved health and life balance.

Sara specialises in health and fitness, including weight management, digestive health, food intolerances and family and sports nutrition. She can advise prospective parents on maximising their chances of conception through healthy lifestyle choices and good nutrition. To overcome obesity, one of the primary causes of infertility, or be your optimal weight for reproductive health and beginning the IVF program, she can advise on healthy meal plans, fitness management, and other strategies.

Sara welcomes you into the Connect IVF by Next Practice clinic and looks forward to helping you achieve your nutritional goals.

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